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"Education as a Branch of Economy" is a new website Modern University for the Humanities opens for scientific publications and discussions. To our mind, the necessity of creating such a site is determined by the following circumstances.

The main trend of modern postindustrial society is to increase the proportion of people with higher education among employable population. It is becoming understandable that human capital has more rentability than physical capital.

Nowadays the views on educational expenses are changing. Modern economists consider the investment in higher education not as irrevocable infusion in educational infrastructure but as investment in human capital paying off over time. It allows to increase future profits for both - individuals and a state as a whole. That's why, if earlier education was seen as purely dependency, consuming branch, now it should be seen as the sphere of production and profitable investment by various market entities.

Therefore in Knowledge Society higher education is becoming a basic component of  state development and one of the leading productive branch of its economy.  Higher education contribution has double effect. On the one hand, it's a contribution to the economy due to increasing production at the expense of productivity growth of people with higher education in comparison with those who don't have higher education. On the other hand, higher education industry, providing educational services, makes a direct contribution to the state economy. Herewith higher education industry as a productive sector is highly intellectual, enhances prestige of the country and environmentally sound.

MUH conducts researches and applies practically the results in the sphere of "Education as a Branch of Economy" for a long time. The work is done under the scientific and methodological guidance of Рrof. Dr. Mikhail Karpenko, the president of MUH, the author of a number of monographs and articles on the mentioned theme. Such monographs as "Telelearning", "Cognomics", "Educational geodemographics" are worth to be mentioned.

MUH has a meaningful experience in analytical searching of ways of education development which are necessary for Russian economy. This site will represent the results of University's researches on the mentioned theme. We are sure that their wide-ranging promotion may be of great help for both education experts and wide range of people who are interested in high education problems.

However the range of issues concerned with education as a branch of economy is so wide that it needs to widen its scientific and public auditory. The site created by MUH will promote it. We will also welcome the offers to place on our site the materials covering the theme of higher education in Russia from MUH  participants and other organizations.

Publishing the research materials we also set up thematic forums, where we hope to see the discussion on the noted themes, the evaluation of the published materials and new themes for discussion. 

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